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  • How to avoid electronic technical problems during your own show:

97% of  the issues with electronic device is the battery:

  1. Change battery or charge the battery if you didnt used the device for more than one month.
  2. Use only alkline battery – its not get mouinter like regular batteries, and keep the device alive for very long time, alkline batteries also get mouinster , but it will take very long time ( years )
  3. If your device have a remote control you must know that:
    if the battry is a little weak, at the first 1 up to 5 clicks , it will works fine, after that the battery get low, so the freqency of the signak is change so it look everithing is fine,  becouse the LED is on, but the freqency is change, you can not see that, the thing that you need to do is only to change the battery.
  4. Take with you all the time some extra batteries and power bank usb charger, make sure that you have also a tested usb cable with all kind that you need for your devices, somtime you have a magnetic usb cable, and sometime you have a wirless charger system, so make sure that you have all you need.
  5. Pack and keep the device in a natural place ( not in a bath , not outdoor , not in the car, behaive the device like this is your mobile phon.
  6. Mouinster is bad to any electronic device , also to your phone, shave machines, and so on, its watter pruf but the muinster do damage inside the device. So keep away any electonice device from your bath.
  7. Reed the instraction of the manifector, sometime you have very importent information to reed, like comon problem, or diferent modes of the device: for example, super chip full set has 2 differnts mode, one to get full information in the vibrate receiver, and second is to get only specifice vibration to use the super chip full set as a sensors only , it means that you can use the super chip as a sensor to do the pocket prediction routine.

Usely in the hi end product there is a indiator for battery lavel, in the super chip you have green LED or red LED, green means battery OK, red means you need to charge the system, same with the Super Chip full set.

  1. If its a wireless device, you must check the distance between the receiver to the transmitter, if the distance is too low, first try to change or charge the batteries.
  2. Do one more test before the show, and one extra test just before the act.
  3. Remeber that you audioce dont know what you'r going to do,so in case that your device felt just befor the act, you can change to a differnt routine during the act.
  4. If you have started the specific act and something faild, be ready to your backup or another "exit" of the routine