Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!
Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!

Mentalism Chair Special Edition - Pre Order Price!

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Electric Shocker
Additional Duplicate Chair

Mentalism Chair Special Edition -

Pre Order price!


The new upgraded edition of the famous mentalism chair.

What's new?

- Bluetooth connection - control the chair with your phone!

- More control over the chair's settings - using our new mobile app.

- Hybrid tech - IOS and Android.

- Magnetic charger

-One extra long-distance (up to 100 meters/ 300 feet ) remote control. (Total of 3 remote controls and the mobile app)

- New improved battery - longer standby time - by 20%.

The estimated delivery time for the new edition is January 2022.

Imagine this: 

You are able to touch your spectator in multiple spots, as many times as you wish, without ever getting near them. All they need to do is to sit down, put a blindfold on, and they are under your control. You can synchronize 2 spectators together, demonstrate a Voodoo connection or even erase their memory. 

"Cobra's chair looks ordinary and is perfect for magicians who want to make their audience believe in true mentalism. 
This is without any doubt one of the most powerful acts in my show and I take it to all my shows around the world!
This is a reliable product with a high-quality finish"
~Lior Suchard

A Modern Classic - Renovated

The Mentalism Chair is our solution for the classic P.K Touches routine, which we are sure you are already familiar with. This device has been first introduced to the magic community over 10 years ago, and we have been developing and evolving it ever since. We have added many features to make this chair clean looking and innocent, while still hiding a complex system that combines 2 touching points, vibration, and a shocker mechanism.  These abilities allow for some amazing dual-reality presentations, at the ease of pressing a button.

Take a look at some of the world's leading mentalists using the Mentalism Chair:


 About the design:

The chair is designed to look and feel like an ordinary IKEA chair, which is modern, elegant, and will practically fit in any decor. The Double Folding option allows for extra compatibility, as the chair can fold twice and fit inside a standard luggage case. It is easy to carry around, the assembly of the double folding is straight forward and intuitive, and it even makes the chair a little stronger. 

The recommended weight limit for the chair is 90 kilos (200 pounds)

The Shocker Mechanism, If you choose to add it, will enable you to quite literally shock your audience, making them jump from the chair and react immediately. We have included 20 levels of strength for you to adjust.

Please be careful if you choose to use it, and remember that it is not meant for anyone who might be sensitive to any type of physical shock (e.g. people with heart conditions or any other type of sensitivity, pregnant woman, children, animals, etc.)

Be aware that using the electric shocker might cause some serious harm when used incorrectly! We do not take any responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of using the shocker mechanism. Use it at your own risk. 

What you receive: 

  • The Mentalism Chair
  • Custom made carrying case 
  • 3 Remote controls
  • 1 magnetic/wireless charger. 
  • A power bank of 4000mAh to charge everything on the fly
  • Blindfold
  • A case for the remotes
  • A case for all your kit
  • Online video instructions
  • Android and IOS app
  • 3 extra batteries for the remote controls

If you have chosen to add a shocker, you will also receive: 

  • 1 additional magnetic micro-USB charger
  • A strong magnet

Shipping & Handling

The Mentalism Chair will be supplied within 30 days from the purchase (not including shipping time).

Technical Properties:

  • The chair is made out of a metal frame with a plastic seat. 
  • The system is rechargeable and comes with 3.7-volt LIPO batteries that you can charge by yourself with any micro USB charger.
  • Both the touch mechanism and the shocker will last you about 10 performances on a single charge.
  • It comes with 2 remote controls (four channels) & a custom carrying case which is made especially for the chair and protects the chair for a long time. 
  • The chair weights 
  • The remotes have 

Additional Duplicated Chair

We offer an additional identical chair in 2 finishing levels: Regular (95% match) and Premium (100% match). Please notice that the shipping costs might differ if you choose to add another chair. 

Reviews of the Mentalism Chair

The newly updated “Cobra Magic Mentalism Chair” is one of the most potent and cool tools to spice up your old PK Touch routine into a feast for the senses. After using the Cobra Chair, my PK Touch routine will never be the same again. 
This new chair is a genuine game-changer for the working pro. 

Brett Barry

As you all know I do the Invisible Touches routine since 1987 with many variations and later with many combinations with PK touches.  I carry only a small briefcase to my shows for many years. But now I carry the PK chair, it is a real upgrade to the routine. This is a real upgrade to PK touches.  It takes it to places you can't do otherwise.  I added the chair to my show and the reactions you get from the audience are absolutely amazing.  I hear the WOW from my audience.

Lior Manor

I love this prop.  I worked with several other similar chairs and devices that accomplish the same thing but never worked with anything that had pleased me so much as this chair.  It's beautiful, lightweight, nondescript, fits in with virtually any decor anywhere, very easy to travel with.  This is a magnificent device!  It's honey for your money.

Jon Stetson

The mentalism chair is in my experience, the most reliable, versatile, and 'normal' looking prop of its kind. With more than a year's use, it is still going strong and is a joy to use. Highest marks to this prop.

Eli Morgan