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Pre-Order now - The Super Chip - New Edition 

What's new?

The new set - a total of 4 poker chips:


· 3 colored poker chips (Red, Black, Blue)

· One new extra chip not colored (total of 4 chips)- designed for the "Find my wallet" routine. (New and unique programming)- giving you the ability to find your wallet - hidden within the audience members.

· New chip holder - Slim and compact. 

·  Smaller receiver, easier to hide, and super silent.

· 30 disposable cups designed to hide the Superchips inside, giving you the ability to know what drink your participant tasted


The estimated delivery time for the new edition is January 2022.

Redefining Pack Small Play Big 

    Having Four Super Chips in one set, with one receiver to rule them all is a game-changer for your show. This packs as flat as three coins and allows you to add up to 30 minutes of routines to your show. Start making miracles happen in any performance you do while standing up to 10 meters (30 feet) away from your volunteers.

    No setup or pre-show – it just works. At any point, you can take out the Super Chip from your pocket and start fooling the people around you in so many ways (12 routines included to spark your imagination).

    Just put it in your pocket and you are ready to impress, wow, and book new shows.

    Watch the Super Chip - full set review on the Wizard Magic Review (100%)

    Product features

    When we designed The Super Chip Full Set we didn’t know how flexible it would become. Our Brain-Network immediately came up with so many new routines that we had to reassess the way we sell this. We decided to dig in and develop 12 professional worker routines for you and include them in videos and written form. This product is a killer – you can learn how to use it and perform with it on the very same day.

    Here is what you can do with The Super Chip Full Set:

    • Heads or tails routines for three people at the same time
    • Which hand routines on steroids, with all three chips at the same time
    • Which color routines, with three amazed volunteers
    • Find the Wallet in an audience of any size
    • And 8 more Reputation Maker routines

    And all awhile this, you can be:

    • Sleeveless
    • Up to 10 meters away (30 feet)
    • No setup – a completely Self contained solution
    • No huge briefcases for tablets or other equipment – you can carry it easily in your pocket
    • Super clean throughout the routine (at all times, there is nothing in your hands)
    • The perfect solution for a social distancing show

    And here is what you get:

    • Three real looking casino chips in the colors blue, red and black
    • One extra casino chip (not colored)
    • Rechargeable receiver
    • Mini carrying case 
    • The safest indicators system – Led + Vibrate
    • Future proof – the Receiver is also a transmitter, allowing new routines to be developed (including stooges and repeaters)
    • Color: Blue, Black and Red (one of each)
    • State of the art technology crafted with our brand new Mental Transceiver Cobra Core 2.0
    • Super Strong Battery Life – Using Time: 15,000 minutes (500 times of 30 minutes OR 750 times of 20 minutes)
    • Replaceable Battery – Easily accessible battery type: CR2016 with a capacity of 100 Mah
    • Easily shipped from our manufactured facility in Israel – Frequency 2.4Ghz up to 2.5Ghz
    • High-Quality Materials – Operation Temperature: -5 ~ 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
    • Poker Chip Thickness: 3.5 mm
    • Poker Chip weight: 3 gram

    Technical details of the Super Chip Full Set Receiver:

    • Reprogrammable rechain effect allows you to future proof your show
    • Powered by our unique Mental Transmission Cobra Core 2.0 Operating System
    • Rechargeable battery with an Auto Power Off after 60 minutes
    • Easily turn on with a safely located button so that you never turn the Receiver off by accident
    • High-Quality Materials – Operation Temperature: -5 ~ 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
    • Low maintenance and easy recharge – Using time: 5 hours
    • Recharge time – 1-2 hours with operation voltage: 3.7Volt up to 4.2 volt
    • Highly Reliable Battery type: lipo 3.7volt, 100Mah
    • Recharge with a standard micro USB cable 
    • Easily shipped from our manufacturing headquarters in Israel due to the Frequency being 2.4Ghz up to 2.5Ghz
    • Safe to use near other electronic devices and sound system

    FAQ'S - Super Chip

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     Shahar Livne always knows when someone is lying


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